Past Life Case Study – What am I here to learn?

This case study was submitted by one a graduate of Past Life Therapy | Regression Facilitator Training Course. I am sharing so that you can gain an idea of the type of things that can be addressed using RegressionTherapy. Both the therapist and their client will always remain anonymous.

Client is a 43 year old female.  Her question is Why is life so hard?

My client went to an unknown time, to a young male around 20 long blonde hair, happy and at one with his environment. He goes through a simple life with simple values and desires. Always grateful for the surroundings and the animals and other people in his life. Life is good. The villagers are living close to the ocean, they give homage to the ocean daily for their food and their comfort, believing if they do then there will be no problems or worries, as the ocean will provide what they need. My client seems very comfortable in this environment, smiling through the hypnosis, seemingly serene and aware of the pleasurable life he has. I move my client forward to a significant event. One peaceful day the village is going through the daily life when the Dolphins come closer to the beach than ever before. They are calling to the villagers and seem to be communicating something is wrong. They do this for a few days until the ocean begins to change and become quite different from normal. The people are scared and make their way to higher grounds. My client stays to look after the animals and seems to take longer to leave for safety. There comes a huge tsunami and wipes out a huge amount of land, including the village and my client. The suddenness of the water taker the young man by surprise and he will not leave his body in death. The death being so sudden and traumatic. My client finally leaves the body and hovers above watching for him, and wanting to see the body again. At last the soul comes forward and delivers the massage

ASSIMILATION (How does this past life relate to current life)
My client has had a good life up until around 8 years ago when family health issues began. She has been working through the results of these issues with a spiritual growth and has realised the experiences are for her higher evolution of soul. The past life regression helped her realise there is always a balance in life, good, bad, up, down. To know one is to know the other. Lessons cannot be learned when everything is high and happy and coasting along. Upsets need to happen, to find strength, conviction and the inner self.

The ideal life does not go without some sort of harshness otherwise there would be no lesson to be learned

Extreme and soft are beneficial to growth.

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