Past Life Case Study – Leadership, courage and faith

This case study was submitted by one a graduate of Past Life Therapy | Regression Facilitator Training Course. I am sharing so that you can gain an idea of the type of things that can be addressed using RegressionTherapy. Both the therapist and their client will always remain anonymous.

Intention of the Session:
Security of the future. Ensure his family is safe. 

About the life:
His session took him back in the first World War as a German soldier. In the trenches, fighting alongside his son against the French. He is scared as soldiers are dropping dead around him. There is so much fear, darkness and depression. He ended up in a concentration camp, and died of starvation.

Assimilation: (How does this past life relate to current life?)
In his current life my client is aware of the challenges it takes to be successful, a strong and supporting family man.

Lesson: The life was to learn leadership, courage and faith.

Message:  No one is responsible for anyone else’s happiness. We need to understand our life’s purpose.

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