Past Life Case Study – Embrace Intuition

This case study was submitted by one a graduate of Past Life Therapy | Regression Facilitator Training Course. I am sharing so that you can gain an idea of the type of things that can be addressed using RegressionTherapy. Both the therapist and their client will always remain anonymous.

42 year old female asking “What am I here in this life to learn?”

My clients session took her to a life alone as a male, unknown year, unknown age or name. My client was in a peaceful setting with sand, beach, caves and a spring. He had dolphins around him who would come in close to the shore with fish for him to eat. They would help him catch fish, and he lived on fish and spring water. He had mental telepathy with the Dolphins, all communicating with no effort. He was at peace in his setting, enveloped in solitude, seemingly happy and serene. My clients life seemed uneventful, referring to the peace of the life quite often, and not a lot of insight as to anyone else around. After a short time, going back to when he was younger in that life, he saw an old man. The old man was there to teach him how to use fire, how to speak with the Dolphins, and how to survive in the environment. The old man lay down one day and just died, leaving his cloths but no body behind. The boy felt no sadness and somehow knew the old man went home to where he himself wanted to go. His life went by and the last day of life came, he lay down where the old man had died years earlier and died himself, all the time knowing he was going home also. With the last few breaths, he said his last thoughts were…”at last I’m going home”

This is where I thought the past life experience had ended for my client, but she started to get very upset and began to quietly shake and cry, with a lot of emotion coursing through her body, repeating time and time, over and over “…I don’t want the gift, I don’t care about it, I just want to be normal…I don’t want it, I want to stay here, I don’t want to go, I want to be like the others, I don’t want it, take it back, give it to the others, I done want it…” My client then went into the life in more depth, before he had come to earth, when he was young.

He was a young boy on another planet who had a gift of telepathy, reading minds, levitate, telekinesis, and a whole range of mental skills he was born with. Few on the planet had been born with the “gift” and when they are, they are taken to a school to learn how to best use the gift for healing and the goodness of the others. Otherwise if left unchecked the “gift” could also do harm, when not used for good. The boy did not want the gift as no others in his family had it and he felt different. He thought it a curse, and didn’t want it. Because the boy refused and was so stubborn about the gift, the elders of the planet sent him to earth to be taught how to use the gift by the old man, who had also been sent there because he didn’t want the gift either. The old man had realised his error, but was not taken home until he died. The boy was distraught about leaving his planet, and when the old man tried to teach him the ways of the gift, the boy just wanted to play, therefore not learning to the full extent of his gift. The boy realised, in the end, he should have accepted what he was born with, as it was a gift after all, not a curse.

ASSIMILATION (How does this past life relate to current life)

My client, in this life, has quite a range of abilities with spirit, but states she can’t quite open to all her possibilities. This past life experience has been profound for her as it has shown her she has these abilities to a huge extent, but because of her stubbornness, this has gone unlearned to their full extent.

My client is so happy with the results, she is now meditating and has embraced the information with open arms, realising the extent of her stubbornness in this life also. She has had a profound experience which has changed her thinking and her attitude to her abilities. She is starting to trust her instincts more and focus on her intuition and being in the NOW.

My client had her question answered in so many ways, and also other questions she held for this life.

To embrace her gift and open to her intuition

Live it and embrace it

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