Past Life Case Study – Acceptance

This case study was submitted by one a graduate of Past Life Therapy | Regression Facilitator Training Course. I am sharing so that you can gain an idea of the type of things that can be addressed using RegressionTherapy. Both the therapist and their client will always remain anonymous.

Intention of the Session:
No specific issue. Happy to go with the flow and see what comes out of the session

About the life:
Her session took her back to 1931 where she was a young girl living with her mother, but her father worked away often. There were two sides to her mother, pretending caring wife when her husband was at home and an unfaithful wife when he was away. Her father took her away to start a new life, and remarried.  Her mother died a bitter and cold woman.

Assimilation: (How does this past life relate to current life?)
In her current life my client is the emotionally strong female with three children, but disassociated with her husband.

Lesson: The life was to learn to detach and accept her husband for who he is.

Message:  Need to let love in.

This case is submitted by a graduate of my Past Life Therapy | Regression Facilitator professional training course.

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