Make Perfection Your Friend

Are you a perfectionist?

This innate character trait pushes you to do brilliant work and to achieve personal goals by continually raising the bar to better yourself.

It is prevalent in people who really like to help people, I’ll cover this in another email.

The flip side of perfection is the personal burden of potentially never feeling good enough.

You may even oppress yourself with expectations that instead of driving you; stop you for fear of not doing well enough.

Not enough.

Perfectionism may reveal itself physically as anxiety, the side effect of worry. What might people say if you’re not perfect?

Realistically, they are not even thinking about you, because they’re most likely too busy navigating their own insecurities!

Perfectionism invokes procrastination the side effect of fear of not saying the perfect thing or making the perfect decision.

But you know what, I see procrastination as intuitive guidance, that the timing isn’t quite right.  You see, perfectionist are also highly intuitive.

Indecision is a decision.

Give up seeing it as procrastination and save your own sanity.

Do this by embracing the fact that you are a perfectionist and stick with what comes naturally to you, and ditch what doesn’t. This way, you can be super proud instead of down on yourself.

It’s hard! I get it. Click here if you need help for how to

  • trust your intuition
  • discovering what you are innately good at
  • assurance of what to ditch

No one is good at everything but we are all good at somethings.

Toni x

Self-awareness is the ultimate activism.

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