IT’S ALL TRUE?: Where did I come from? with Grant & Chezzi Denyer

I am excited to be on Grant and Chezzi’s Podcast IT’S ALL TRUE? I think you will find the conversation useful and intriguing. They are both so open and vulnerable. Listen for the extraordinary way past lives help in this life.

Where did I come from? with Dr Toni Reilly

This week the team go deep.. deep into Past Lives and Reincarnation.. Joined by Dr Toni Reilly, Australia’s foremost international Past Life and Reincarnation Specialist, AND the best-selling author of AWAKE The Purpose Of Life And Why You Are Here.

Grant and Chezzi have an open discussion about the power and freedom in identifying past lives and being able to work through past life traumas or recognise skills and abilities from previous life times.

Dr Toni Reilly, Founder of the Toni Reilly Institute, certifies progressive, intuitive therapists through the Diploma of SoulLife® Coaching the next generation of a new paradigm in modern psychology. Delivering programs, seminars and training to audiences across Australia and Internationally in the USA, Denmark, India, and the UK and globally on Zoom

Toni has made a mark in the wellbeing industry for her pragmatic approach and sensitivity. She is a highly reputable and sought after mentor and role model to her students, with many of them becoming highly respected Teacher and Practitioners.

Even if you have no interest in all the woo-woo.. be sure to listen to this chat which is eye opening and mind blowing at times.

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Regress to progress
Dr Toni x

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