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I Thought I Was Dumb Until I Was In My Thirties

I thought I was dumb until I sat through Myers Briggs personality testing when I was in my early 30’s, turns out I was far from stupid, in fact, I was intelligent…

The results of that test changed my perception myself dramatically.

Overnight I went from believing I was stupid to knowing I was not.

These types of beliefs we conjure up about ourselves damage our self-worth.

I mistakenly associated education with intellect. It’s not education that makes you intelligent, what education does is enhance your knowledge.

Intelligence is the capacity to perceive and retain information presented. It’s a human thing, utilising your brain and mind.

Wisdom is another thing, it is special.

Wisdom is the result of experiential experiences. That means there is emotion involved.

Life experience coupled with our intangible creative stream which is similar to our intuitive capabilities is what defines wisdom.

That deeply philosophical outlook people gain from enduring, observing and reflecting on the ups and downs of life.

People can be wise from a young age because they incarnate with wisdom gained during a previous life.

An example of wisdom we witness is through small children when they know fascinating things beyond their years or innocently advise with kindness and compassion.

Fascinating isn’t it?

Toni x

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