How to Keep Your Business Happy, Healthy and Profitable Through the Festive Season

Having been in business for the past 12 years now, I can affirm that each year business winds down during the festive season.


It is easy for those of us in business to get uptight about this inevitable lull. Instead, we can choose to make the most of this period.  Here are my best strategies for helping you Keep Your Business Happy, Healthy and Profitable Through the Festive Season.


In the lead up to this quiet time, offer programs or readings marketed to the human side of your clients and colleagues who want insight into the energy of their year ahead. I mean, who doesn’t want a heads-up?  You can afford to get really busy for a little while now if you know that the quiet period is near when you will feel nurtured and recalibrated.


There are a lot of ways to promote your programs, and with things slowing down for the holidays, you have even more time for those marketing activities you know you “should” do, but never get around to doing.


  • Capitalize on the fever of gift-giving and offer vouchers. Market them as gifts for family and friends. Market them to your existing clients to treat themselves.


  • Readers, astrologers or numerologists can offer “year ahead” insights or “month by month energy for 2019.”


  • Practitioners can offer a transformational process by focusing on a sought- after outcome and adapting this to what you can offer; for example, “KICK PROCRASTINATION TO THE CURB with our mini program!”


  • Yoga teachers and massage therapists can offer a number of classes, or a new program, to enhance overall well-being and to reach out to our New Year’s resolutions to be healthier and more active.


  • Course and workshop facilitators can offer “early bird” discount attendance for events happening next year.



This downtime is a blessing  – and it is crucial for implementing your year ahead. Write down your new ideas, and then expand on them. Create new programs or implement an existing program that you have not had time to develop. Set the foundations. Create a plan or put a plan into motion.


Give yourself permission to rest.  This is your time to rejuvenate.  Use it to refresh your own energies so that you are ready to hit the ground running when the festive season returns to normal


Take this time to do things you don’t always have time for.  Enjoy your own company, withdraw from usual obligations, daydream, meditate, write or relax. Go to the beach, catch up with friends, stay in bed late or watch Netflix.


You could even take up some of your colleagues’ voucher offers!

Toni x

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This article was originally published in Holistic Bliss Magazine, December 2018


Toni Reilly is an author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Facilitator.  As the Founder of Toni Reilly Institute, she created SoulLife®Programs and Events, guiding thousands of clients worldwide to live with confidence, purpose and compassion.

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