How to Integrate Regression As An Abundant And Viable Transformation Tool Into A Business

How To Transform Your Business with SoulLife® Recall Regression

This is the first of three videos in my series How to transform your business with SoulLife Recall Regression.

I will share tips for How to integrate regression as an abundant and viable transformation tool into a business so that you can do the same.

Let me begin by assuring you that your clients don’t care what your techniques are they only care that you can fix their problem!

So there is no need to tell them WHAT you are doing, just run through the process.

Word of mouth alone and testimonials will flood in because this technique works for any problem, emotional, physical or psychological!


#1 Focus On A Problem People Have But Do Not Want

Chose something you are passionate about, like fertility, grief, purpose, terminal illness, relationships, love, whatever it is that fires you up.

The important thing is to FOCUS on that one niche and can fix it every time.  Then you have no need to mention your secret weapon, your speciality technique, you simply USE it to get the outcome your client is seeking. To fix their problem.

Summary: Don’t tell them what you are doing, simply begin the process.

# 2 Make Regression Your Niche`

Regression itself is a phenomenal and growing therapy.

If you want to openly offer your services as a Regression Facilitator or as Past Life Therapist then you simply need to target the demographics where believers hang out.

Speak about it professionally, with respect and watch people reach out for regression.

People seek regression sometimes as a last effort to seek relief. 

They might be at their wits end with western medicine or just harbour an inner knowing that regression will help.

If you are going this way, refer to your own case studies, even the ones you prepare in training will be valid and credible.  I STILL refer to a few of my initial sessions from 12 years ago!

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