How Business Can Be Blissful

Published Holistic Bliss Magazine March 2019

I do not know about you, but lately, some days have been haywire, when the energy shifts all hell breaks loose. It seems like nothing is going right, your mind starts making stories up and then has the audacity to perpetuate the story and make those self-effacing stories even worse!

You know the feeling when a memory pops in that you have not thought of for years, but there it is and you can’t let it go. Let it rise within, so you can work through the feelings that come with it. Lately, for me it was two things, one was guilt the other shame. I was feeling ashamed of the decisions and choices I made long ago, which have repercussions now.

All you can do is suffer through the anxiety, and negative thoughts. To release, you must talk to someone or failing that, write it down. The only way to move on is to get the negativity out of your head.Give your thoughts a voice, that way they are free to dissipate, when they are no longer captive to your mind, those thoughts become way less significant. Once they are out, you can truly look at them objectively, to allow a new perspective.

Now back to business, as you know I work for myself, I have done for the last 12 years. Working for myself has been the most incredibly rewarding thing I have ever done.

I have to admit, over the years I have been depressed where I could not stop crying for about three years, I have been heartbroken and experienced what some call the dark night of the soul, all this while working for myself. And you know what I did to get through? I accepted the phase I was in and honoured it. I did not realise the extent of my depression until I was coming out of it.

The days where I didn’t feel like functioning, I would move clients. Or the other thing that used to happen was, when I was with clients, all of my stuff would disappear until I was finished with them and then it would return!

My point is, you are human, you are always at mercy to the ebb and flow of life. By honouring yourself when you are not feeling up to working, then don’t! It’s that simple. The world is not going to end, your clients or colleagues will survive a change in schedule and you will give them your best when you do see them.

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Toni x

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