Fear of Becoming A Parent | Case Study

This is what the client hopes to address during their session.

The client wanted to discover why she had never had children. Although she was single, the idea of having children made her feel apprehensive and afraid.


The session took her to a lifetime in the late 1600’s where her family was incredibly poor and they worked as slaves.

She could feel the misery and sadness of the limitations in their life.

At the age of 16, she found herself pregnant, which caused incredible shame for the family. It turned out she was raped and her family never found out.

Having her baby felt like the only good thing she had in life, someone that she could love.

Her father forced her to give up the child because it was conceived out of wedlock. Her heart shattered and she was moved to another town to work. She never emotionally recovered from the loss of her child.

This fear is still affecting her decision to have children.

The lesson of this life was to learn about love and its absence.

The message was that it is safe to have children now and this life is where the fear of losing a child comes into play.

Toni Reilly

There are a couple of areas which could be addressed in this session.

This woman is likely to truly assimilate that a child will not be taken from her in this lifetime, as that subconscious fear subsides she would feel at ease making the decision to start a family.

It is not uncommon to recognise the soul of someone you interact within current life.  She recognised The man who raped her in that life as her Uncle in this life. The therapist has not noted if this client had any issues with her Uncle.  As the facilitator, it is something you would ask.  If all is well with her Uncle in the current life, the detail merely shows the client that souls come together in various roles during our incarnations. If she has an [irrational] issue with him, recalling this usually clarifies why and shifts, as she no longer feels bothered by him.

I note that this client is single, she may well subconsciously be closed off to a partner given that it may lead to a similar outcome. She could potentially find her energies open up to allowing a partner to enter into her life and find that someone appears soon.

The scenario recalled, in this case, is the type of recall that may be associated with someone who has infertility trouble in current life as it could produce the subconscious fear that their child will be taken.

Please bear in mind that sometimes my assimilations are possibilities that I put forward. During recall, the practitioner does not assume anything. Their job is to facilitate, question and move their client to ensure that the emotional discoveries resonate with the client experiencing their memories. – Toni Reilly

These cases studies are compiled with love and care to showcase the possibilities for healing emotional, physical and psychological trauma using my specialised technique, SoulLife® Recall Regression, where people recall memories from their past lives, current life, a visit in-between lives or go to the SoulLife realm to attain optimal well-being.

This case study is documented by a graduate of my SoulLife® Recall Regression Certificate Program. The facilitator and their client remain anonymous.


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