Energy Is Extra Potent When You Are The Product

Article: Energy is Extra Potent When You are the Product

Words: Toni Reilly
Published: Holistic Bliss Magazine July 2016


There is a strong universal pull creating an influx of people drawn to help others. Purpose is fated, so no matter what age, previous experience or career background, we follow the calling often beginning by completing a course or three.  Massage is common, reiki, tarot cards or crystals, moving on to coaching, NLP, counselling, hypnotherapy, regression and other holistic and mainstream modalities available to study.


All this is terrific, except when we finish our studies if the only recipients of shiny skills are the lucky friends or family who volunteer to be test cases.  If this was only ever your intention then, fine, however, those who intend to make a living doing this stuff often stop here.


When you are the product, word of mouth is the most effective business card.  While a marketing degree is not necessary; it is crucial to let people know you exist. A web presence is essential to highlight WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM. Choose a theme and specialize.  A list of what you studied is confusing and misses the opportunity to highlight the reason they will benefit from seeing you.


It is important to manage your energies when you are the product.


  • Build rapport by being genuine, not stuffy, a warm open heart will shine through.
  • Focus your full attention on the client during a session. If anything comes up after they will make another appointment.
  • Avoid confusing friendship with clients, friendship is balanced, give and take.
  • Keep boundaries strong. Being an on-call counsellor is draining an enabling.
  • Set work days and hours and keep to them. Just because we have a mobile phone does not mean we are available to work 24/7.
  • Value yourself, set a fair fee and charge it. The human psyche perceives value when we pay.
  • Avoid party tricks. We all love to know about ourselves, it’s human nature. This does not mean you are there to provide insight or counselling in a social situation. How do you manage this?  Kindly direct them to make an appointment.
  • Following up after a session or fishing for feedback is fuelled by a need for affirmation of a job well done, it is actually undermining. Detach from the outcome, and allow your client the space to integrate and grow responsibly.


Persevere; building a reputation and practice takes time, years even. While you grow your business be professional and speak confidently of what do.


Kindness is the best medicine.

Toni Reilly | SoulLife® Recall Regression Certificate Program

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