Do You Have A Book In You?

Published July 2019, Holistic Bliss Magazine

Do You Have A Book In You?

I have noticed that many of my clients have a book in them.  It shows up as part of their life mission just as it did mine.


I did not foresee a book in me, though I read in my astrology chart that I had “marked literary ability’.  Unbelievable given I went through school covering my writing for fear of someone reading it. Past life regression therapy became my specialty after a session which fixed that phobia.


My first book Awake: The Purpose of Life and Why You Are Here was published in May 2017.  It went to #1 best seller on Amazon and won three international awards.


I wrote about my life in context of what I believe represents our mission and the reason we incarnate.  


I covered choosing our parents, how life pans out, in my case, insecurity, divorce, love at first sight, body image and past lives.  My vision was to show through real life scenarios the deeper meaning to why things happen. I hoped people would read it, assimilate and feel less victimized by their circumstances and be more tolerant of themselves.


I began with chapter headings and started the initial chapters. I was not disciplined, there was nothing I could do to make it flow and it took a few years to get back to the manuscript.  When I did, I cringed, at my victim perspective and had to re-write most of it because I had changed so much.


The process was cathartic, I would write through tears while recalling memories I had buried.


Nearly eight years later I felt compelled to finish and almost daily, I would complete a chapter. 


I said the word and a lot, my editor took care of that. My publisher was a godsend, he helped me wrap it up, by the time I handed it over to him I couldn’t stand to read it again!


Here are my six tips:

  • Outline what you want to cover.
  • Write when you feel the urge, it is pointless otherwise and will only make you be mean to yourself.
  • Don’t read back too much or you’ll never finish.
  • Get an editor to tidy grammar, but don’t let them change your writing style.
  • Be careful who you ask to read it, criticism can block you. You know your story best, after all, you were guided to write it.
  • Trust the timing, you will finish when the world is ready for your book.


Toni Reilly is a best-selling author, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Facilitator.  As the founder of Toni Reilly Institute, she created SoulLife® Programs and Events, guiding thousands of people worldwide to live with confidence, purpose and love.


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