The Destructive Energy of Hate

Article: The Destructive Energy of Hate

Words by: Toni Reilly
Published: Holistic Bliss May 2016


Many world events which are discussed on social media recently highlighted to me an alarming flaw in behaviour. I stumbled across an article where an actress spoke out in her defence at being featured in a plus-sized edition of a prominent women’s magazine. Though I am barely familiar with this girl, I felt compelled to read through the comments, what struck me most was the collective energy being fed on that one forum, all directed towards this girl.  It is not that different to the energy of gossip and drama.  Here is a reminder of what we are actually amplifying when commenting.


I’ll put it like this: Think about when we pray, when many people unite with the intention of a positive outcome for someone or something. We know there is immense power in collective well wishes.


On the flip side; when many people come together voicing opinions and casting judgment of a person or situation we create the very same power, only we are facilitating a collective build-up of hateful energy directed at one singular person. Put yourself in her shoes, and imagine being on the receiving end of that tremendous force. What if it was someone we cared about?


The situation shifts to one of substance if the discussion turns to what could potentially be happening to this actress’s self-esteem.


When personal self-worth gets hammered people may become anxious, nervous, self-conscious, sad or afraid and they may decide it is too difficult here and opt out or fall into hibernation or depression. Consider that for a moment. Prevention avoids intervention.  If this actress has strong inner strength she will inspire others by sharing her plight, even though it does not excuse those negative comments.


In another unrelated article a Mother discovered her child was bullying another, so she bullied and humiliated her own child. How is that any better? I was reminded of the old saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”. This woman has reacted to avoid being judged as a parent who produces bullies or condones the behaviour; here’s the paradox, she is a bully.


Judgment is natural, we all do it at times, however, if we can become mindful by turning the scenario around to examine why we are reacting, we begin to behave with grace most of the time.  The ripple effect then becomes kindness, empathy, compassion and tolerance for ourselves and others, how much nicer is that?


Be kind. We all are the same at our core.

Toni x

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