Conscious Conversations Podcast | The SHOCKING Truth about how PAST LIFE REGRESSION can HEAL your SOUL with Dr. Toni Reilly

Chrissy Talks to Dr. Toni Reilly about how PAST LIFE REGRESSION can heal you! Welcome to Chrissy Talks, a podcast dedicated to spreading truth and teaching consciousness from the heart.

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Dr Toni Reilly is Australia’s foremost Past Life and Reincarnation Specialist and the best-selling author of AWAKE The Purpose of Life and Why You Are Here. As founder of Toni Reilly Institute, she developed SoulLife® Coaching spiritual psychology and has guided thousands of clients and students worldwide with her intuitive approach to therapy and personal development. Toni trained under renowned psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss in New York, and mediumship at Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Her Doctorate supports her visionary teachings.

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