Coco Majic (Majstorovic)

Coco Majstorovic is a natural intuitive medium passionate about people. As a certified SoulLife® Coach she specialises in past life regression, reconnection, and intuitive counselling. She is a tutor at the Toni Reilly Institute as well as a pilates instructor and professional footballer. She recognises the mind-body-emotion-soul connection all matter when it comes to maintaining wellbeing. 

Coco has been honing her energies through meditation, self-development and practice since she was 11 when she attended her first course on Dream Analysis. 

She developed her own style she calls Majic sessions. Developed specifically to assist you in all areas of life. Majic sessions all feature the underlying commonality of helping you to understand yourself, work with what you are born with and navigate your life mission with ease. Majic is a shortened version of her surname, which is Majstorovic. 


Specialising in professional athletes, I help with ways to deal with the pressures that come with being an athlete. Performance pressure, balancing your mental health, confidence boosting. As well as post-retirement transition into everyday life. I am passionate about relationship coaching within teams and the workplace.

People with inherently busy minds or hectic heads as we call them, can’t change the speed or quantity of their thoughts, but they can manage the quality of them. Self-awareness is win-win because automatically, the thoughts are better, useful and not self-deprecating.

Specialising in the mental health of those with an excess of 9’s in their birthdate.

  • Confidence (lack of)
  • Self-doubt
  • Fear of judgement
  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Responsibility
  • Hectic head (busy mind)

Recall Majic
Using past life regression and other visionary techniques, we go to the root cause of the issue and clear it so that you operate at peak capacity physically, mentally and emotionally. 

 Life Majic

Find your purpose for the rest of your life. This session ensures you feel good about yourself. Incorporating Past life regression, life map numerology, mediumship or intuition to help you release fears, clear blocks and gain clarity to live your best life.

Mind Majic
Coaching to keep your busy mind in check. We focus on everyday stuff to face the day, week or month. Like someone to talk to, prepare for an interview, debrief disagreement with a friend or partner, plan study, outline strategies for projects, and boost your confidence. Whatever it takes!

Coco Majic

Don’t know which session to choose? Book a Coco Majic and leave it to me! I will intuitively stream exactly what you need.


One session AU$280

Six sessions  AU$1497