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I loved this conversation with Johnny Burke on his Closer To Venus Podcast
In episode #125 our guest is Dr Toni Reilly, (@tonireilly)she is a soul life coach, an author, and one of Australia’s most sought after past life regression specialists. Her SoulLife coaching program represents the next step in the evolution of past life regression and her goal is to ultimately change the face of psychology.

What we observed:

🎙️She discovered “clair” senses while meditating
🎙️The between life space is where there’s information about the past lives you’ve led and the current life that you’re leading
🎙️Everything happens for a reason
🎙️We are meant to encounter certain people
🎙️ It will turn out that we experience exactly what we were meant to
🎙️The energy of the numbers from our birthdate determines what our character and our personality is going to be
🎙️Why Gen Z is different
🎙️We are evolving back into more connected humanity
🎙️Earth is not the only place where we incarnate.

Listen here:

Dr Toni x

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