Chezzi Denyer has revealed that she visited a holistic healer when she was trying to conceive her third child

It is fantastic to see such positive real-life outcomes of the power in past lives. Chezzi Denyer is a genuine, heartfelt example of outcomes with their little treasure Sunday.. I’m super excited to see this exposure in mainstream media. Toni ❤️❤️

Former Channel 7 Sunrise star Grant Denyer’s wife Chezzi tells of ‘huge thing’ that changed her life: ‘I cried and cried’ | 7NEWS

Chezzi Denyer has revealed that she visited a holistic healer when she was trying to conceive her third child – and felt her struggle may have something to do with a past life.

On her most recent episode of the It’s All True podcast, which she cohosts with husband Grant Denyer, Chezzi interviewed Toni Reilly, who she describes as Australia’s foremost “Past Life and Reincarnation Specialist.”

WATCH THE VIDEO : Chezzi Denyer talks past lives.

In a video snippet from the podcast posted to Instagram, Chezzi detailed her own experience with feeling she had lived a past life. “We didn’t really know a lot about past lives until I was trying to fall
pregnant with our third child Sunday,” she began.
“I went to a holistic healer that we’ve known for a long time.
“He’s a kinesiologist as well.
“And so he was trying to determine, you know, what was going on
“I don’t think I told him that I’d just had my third miscarriage and he asked
me what my ‘issue’ around being a mother was.
“He kept saying to me, ‘go with it, go with it, just say the first thing that
comes into your mind’.”
Chezzi recalled that she told the healer he was going to think she was
“I closed my eyes and it was like I was instantly watching a movie in my
mind,” she continued.
“It was me, but it wasn’t me, and I think I was in China.
“I said, ‘I don’t know what’s happening … I think I was Chinese in a past life
or something.
“And I had three little girls and we were attacked, and my youngest was
taken and killed in front of me.
“And I cried and cried and cried, and it was this huge, profound thing that
happened that kind of sparked the really big journey.
“I remember thinking on the day that you couldn’t make this stuff up – it
was so vivid.”

Grant and Chezzi Denyer with their girls Sailor, Scout and Sunday. Credit: Instagram

A few days later, Chezzi said, “other bits and pieces” started coming to
her about a possible past life.
“But I kept doubting myself, I kept thinking, ‘is this just my imagination, or
is this a real past life?’”

On Instagram she asked her followers to share any of their own past life
experiences or regression therapies.

“Wow. Just wow. Past lives. Reincarnation. Where we came from. Where
we go when we die,” her post began.
“Toni Reilly, Australia’s foremost international Past Life and Reincarnation
Specialist, AND the best-selling author of AWAKE The Purpose Of Life
And Why You Are Here.
“And does she know her stuff …”
“I have done a Past Life Regression and the three of the lives I’ve lived
before, I had always lost a child some way,” one follower wrote.
“The first a girl, her dress getting caught on fire (fireplace) in the 1800s.
“In this life, I also lost a child. I was told I have yet to work out why.”

Others said the subject of past lives was “fascinating” and after listening
to the podcast they now wanted to explore the idea further.
“This is so interesting, I’d love to find out this stuff,” one follower wrote.
“I remember (singer) David Campbell once talking about one of his kids
having a past life … it’s so interesting and very confronting at times,” wrote

On the podcast, Dr Reilly said that understanding past lives could help
people work through present-day problems.
“Whether you have that experience (of a past life) spontaneously or have
it facilitated (for you), no science or logic can negate it, because the
knowing takes over,” she said.
“(Understanding) past lives brings the most incredible self-awareness.
“Some people say, ‘oh, it’s dwelling on the past,’ but it’s not about that at
“It’s to help make sense of something that’s going down in your life now.
“That’s what it does – it clears all sorts of fears and phobias … it helps
people understand some sort of trauma they’re experiencing in their life,
whether it’s on a grand scale or a small scale.”

As for Chezzi’s struggles to bring her third child into the world?
Sunday Denyer was born in February 2021, becoming a much-anticipated
little sister to Grant and Chezzi’s other daughters Sailor and Scout.
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