Why Am I Always The Subject of Bullying? | Case Study

A 60 year old female came asking, “Why am I always the subject of bullying?”


My client landed in the past life as a young man, 22, tall thin, long curly hair. Dutch born, Jacob De Lywse, an accountant for his uncle in a fine haberdashery import export business. He was finely attired with explicit manners and style.

I took my client back to when he was younger. He was with his parents in a loving happy environment, seemingly well to do, good surroundings, easy life as a young child, he was in his father’s arms greeting his mother at the door. This changed when he was sent to the room upstairs with food water, fruit dried meat, to stay there until someone came for him. He could hear shouting outside and was extremely scared, not knowing anything about what was going on, as he was around 5. After a few days, his uncle came for him and carried him briskly with his head covered to a waiting horse and carriage.

My client described everything in great detail, smells, colours, and the countryside. He was taken to his uncles’ place and told his parents had died of the plague and he was here to live with his aunt and uncle. After a time in seclusion because of the threat of the plague, Jacob was allowed to attend school. His uncle had home schooled him for a year, and Jacob wanted to go to school more than anything to learn more. He was very excited and keen.

Unfortunately the other boys at school bullied Jacob because he was so much smarter and didn’t like playing their silly games. They bullied him and laughed at him because he had long curly hair. My client remembers the feeling of the small blackboard he wrote on, and the smell of the wood which surrounded it. My client did not want to go to school anymore because even the teacher treated him badly as he was so clever and the teacher felt threatened. Eventually at the age of 14, he started to work for his uncle as an accountant.

My client became upset and crying, shaking, emotional, he could smell smoke, their warehouse was burning to the ground, all of the stock was lost, my client kept repeating, “some fool, some fool, some fool burnt it down because they are jealous of my uncle, oh no, poor uncle” My client described the smell and the scene in great detail. After the fire, the uncle died as his heart was broken, telling Jacob to set up his own business. Jacob was never made a partner in the business, and now he knew it was because the business was in debt. When the uncle died, Jacob incurred no debt, yet retained all the contacts, and went about setting up his own business. He cared for his aunty, who had also been very jealous of Jacob, and had given him a hard time since he came to live with them. Jacob married a cousin, whom he always loved as a boy, and they lived happily until his death, where his family was around him.

My client had a profound experience with this past life. She realised showing intelligence and ability does not always incur favour, in fact, the past life and this present life both ran parallel with people showing no favour to her intelligence. My client worked through the memories, and remembered much more detail, to her advantage. She feels better in so many ways, has moved into a new home in the country, and feels her life is so much more peaceful.

Realise there is strength inside.

Ignorance and circumstance will take over time and time again, but you can prevail against anything if you have the power of love.

Toni Reilly

There were similarities about the bullying as Jo feels different from most women. This causes others to be afraid of what they don’t understand. Jo saw Jacob as being the same, smart yet an individual. This has given her a new confidence in her self-worth and valuing her differences rather than seeing them as negative.

Please bear in mind that sometimes my assimilations are possibilities that I put forward. During recall, the practitioner does not assume anything. Their job is to facilitate, question and move their client to ensure that the emotional discoveries resonate with the client experiencing their memories. – Toni Reilly

These cases studies are compiled with love and care to showcase the possibilities for healing emotional, physical and psychological trauma using my specialised technique, SoulLife® Recall Regression, where people recall memories from their past lives, current life, a visit in-between lives or go to the SoulLife realm to attain optimal well-being.

This case study is documented by a graduate of my SoulLife® Recall Regression Certificate Program. The facilitator and their client remain anonymous.


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