Are You A Life Path 7?

Life Path 7 – The Analystlife path 7

7 people are here mastering trust in others, to be open, to believe and have faith.  They find love and affection by reaching out to the world.

7’s are seekers of deeper meaning by understanding through higher learning and knowledge of spirit and of the mind. The probe deeply and investigate to believe in themselves.

Their challenge is to go within and trust in their knowledge and inner authority. To discover universal laws, nature and connect to the mysteries of life.

They learn through experience becoming specialised or an expert in their field of interest.

Innate Traits

Research, learning and teaching, reflection, intuitive, analytical, dignified, scientific, deep thinker, seeker of truth, mystical, philosophical, dreamer, solitude, wise, deep, profound, loner, empathic.


Dislike manual labour, quiet, introvert, secretive, detached, spiritually asleep, over analytical, lack of trust and belief, betrayal, mental illness, cold, aloof, escapism, cynical, withdrawn, alone.


Find your life path number by adding your entire date of birth together.

My DOB 22/01/1971
2+2+1+1+9+7+1 = 23
2+3 = 5

If you add up to 11, 22 or 33 you leave it as the double number. They are known as master numbers. Yes, this means you are a bit special!

Check here for other number meanings.

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