Are You A Life Path 6?

Life Path 6 – The Harmonizer

6’s are mastering balance and harmony. Their path is one of service to the community. They must overcome the tendency to sacrifice themselves and take on too much responsibility which depletes their energy leads to burnout.

6’s are learning to balance high expectations of themselves and perfectionism.  Their challenge is valuing themselves.

Romance and relationships will feature in their life as love is vitally important to them.


Innate Traits

Harmonious, peaceful, justice, love, beauty, family, domestic, responsible, reliable, good workers, nurturing, generous, understanding, social, listen, social responsibility, visionaries, dedicated, loyalty, tolerant.


Self sacrificing, vanity, perfectionism, hypercritical, riddled by guilt, martyr, lack of self worth, unfaithful, judging self and others, possessive, victim, jealousy.


Find your life path number by adding your entire date of birth together.

My DOB 22/01/1971
2+2+1+1+9+7+1 = 23
2+3 = 5

If you add up to 11, 22 or 33 you leave it as the double number. They are known as master numbers. Yes, this means you are a bit special!

Check here for other number meanings.

Excerpt from SoulLife® Coach Diploma |


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