Are You A Life Path 11?

Life Path 11 – The Messenger

11’s are here mastering balance of their emotions and not swaying to what others expect of them or how society dictates as ‘the’ way to do things. They are here to teach others through their own experience.  

11’s, have unique ideas, creativity and messages for others that channel through. They are here to find ways to apply this in a service to others in their own unique way. 

They have great vision and dreams but must have a creative and or physical outlet for their high energy, thoughts and ideas. 

As they have a double channel to the universe, they are constantly receiving messages which can create over thinking.


Innate Traits

Highly intuitive, psychic, heightened sensitivity, inventive, inspirational, inspirational messenger, equality, brilliant ideas, double creativity, confidence, spotlight, caring, supportive, uplifting, peacemakers.


Erratic emotions, laziness, self-doubt, scattered thoughts, burn out, extreme anger, lashing out, negative, spiteful, anxiety, nervousness.

My Observations

I absolutely adore number 11 people.  I feel blessed that their energy resonates with mine. Confidence is usually the boost they need help with to get on with their working purpose in this lifetime.  Number 11’s are powerful healers, supporters of others, mentors, counsellors, therapists, they just have to step into that energetic stream, then there is not stopping them.

Number 11’s need each other.  It is not uncommon to find multiple number 11’s within a family or amongst groups of friends.  Number 11’s are highly intuitive, they are sensitive and the younger ones seem to have loads of confidence (though it can be a front) and they will battle with feeling low at certain stages in their lives.

Number 11’s are inclined to keep returning to their comfort zone, which is often a stable family life. To feel safe they may endure a lot, including messy or past the use-by-date relationships.

Number 11’s are deeply compassionate nature means they can become beaten and bruised (not literally) by the energy of others, before they realise they are receptive to energy they feel drained or experience fluctuating moods and physical symptoms which are not always their own.

Because of their innate ability to tune to people, they make incredible counsellors and objective friends. These skills are a natural part of their psyche, the only thing that stops them is the lack of confidence and second-guessing their abilities.

My mission is to preparing life path 11’s for your mission to make a difference for others. Check out what I can do for you here.

Toni x

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  • Sarah Yip
    Posted at 07:45h, 24 July Reply

    Lovely article, thanks Toni. As a 29/11 lifepath I can relate. 11’s, 22’s and 33’s also tend to see 11:11 and other number sequences, which I write about online. Hoping lots of Starseed friends find your post xx

    • Toni Reilly
      Posted at 03:49h, 27 July Reply

      These numerology insights are mostly written by my friend and colleague Toni Ashton, I add my two bobs worth. Thanks for taking th time to add your much welcome knowledge. Toni x

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