An Intuitive Approach for Working Women

When we operate at our optimal capacity at a personal level, we are empowered beings who ripple positive energy through the workplace. This instantly increases our own performance and the performance of the people around us.


Colleagues become a collective mentor when encouraged to get to know their individual traits; the parts of the psyche that do not change.  Awareness of them creates tolerance of differences and diffuses unrealistic expectations. Strengths and challenges are revealed, available to enhance productivity by creating an effective cohesive environment.


Anxiety is the physical side effect of innate traits being dishonoured.  Learned aspects of people can be altered, though usually are best accepted and used to advantage or assigned to someone more suited.


Resistance to personal aspects, sometimes deemed as flaws [when they are not] creates internal emotional conflict. This results in lowered self-esteem, withdrawal, moody and erratic responses, all of which are disruptive to production.


By working with our personal mainframe, not against, it becomes natural to operate at peak capacity.


Self Management leads to great leaders. 


By understanding personal inner workings reactions alter dramatically, instilling a calmer approach.  When emotional bruises are revealed to the carrier it becomes clearly evident how they affect other people with their previously unrealised behaviour.  Bruises exist in everyone.  They can be summarised as: shame, abandonment, betrayal, rejection and fairness. Each bruise subconsciously develops energetic armour to cover up perceived shortcomings.


Shame produces martyr types. To deflect from feeling humiliated they laugh at themselves before others can.  This person can become overworked to their detriment, resulting in feeling taken advantage of. They are warm and personable.


Abandonment is evident as co-dependence.  This person feels assured and secure knowing they are supported, giving back as much as they take emotionally. They may create drama to bring attention to themselves, however, are loyal and nurturing.


Betrayal people are controllers.  They unconsciously control others and situations to avoid the possibility of feeling betrayed.  These people are driven and protective.


Rejection is the emotional bruise of people pleasers.  Those who do everything to avoid making waves resist putting themselves in any situation where they may be judged.  This type of personality is best in a creative or autonomous role where they can escape into their own world to produce exceptional work.


Fairness people become their own worst enemy in the name of justice.  They insist on equality, which can put others offside by forcing a system constructed by their version of what is fair. These people are amazing organisers and planners.


Awareness of our bruises forms tolerance for self and others.  An intuitive leader recognises the associated behaviour and works with the energies of each individual, using language and actions to create a cohesive environment.


To harness this powerful built-in GPS, individuals must become familiar with their sixth sense. It is well worth the effort given intuition is always programmed for the greatest good. Imagine decision-making without stress and life becoming smoother overall.


Words: Toni Reilly

Published: Sibyl Magazine, USA April 2017

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