Adapting To New Technology and Embracing the Power Of Global Reach

Published February 2020, Holistic Bliss Magazine

Adapting To New Technology and Embracing the Power Of Global Reach

Adapting to new technology and embracing the power of global reach.

Toni Reilly

A couple of years ago, I began to put all of my energy into converting my business model into one that had the capacity to reach people all over the world.  The way to have global impact is to embrace new technology. 


The best thing is; we are in the digital age, the internet is king making the whole world available through devices we all have these days, like computers, iPhones, smartphones, tablets and iPads.  These devices coupled with modern media sources like streaming television, social media, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, Netflix and YouTube, Zoom, and Skype mean that our services, message, connections, and creations can be presented online to literally anyone who has a device and the internet. 


This time last year it occurred to me that to reach many people I needed to create an inspirational personal development platform that everyone can access, no matter their financial circumstances or where they live in the world.


2019 was one of financial hardship.  At the peak I went to stay with my parents, it was my only option. While I feel blessed to have a supportive family and to have spent quality time with them, it was shrouded in humiliation.  I mean, I am 48!


Many of the projects and visions I worked towards over the last two decades either took longer to transpire and some did not eventuate, tipping point is driven by universal timing, so I trust that. 


I invested money along with extreme amounts of time and energy with heartfelt expectation that my creations, would truly inspire and invoke healing and awareness across humanity.


Through this I created Wake Up, an intuitive development circle, hosted by me, online, where people can participate from the comfort of their own home no matter where they are in the world. It launches on January 1st 2020.


If you have a business and you wish to stay relevant, one way or another implementing and harnessing new technology will ensure your global or local reach so that you can easily work with clients or sell your products or services.


As we glide into 2020, the age of Aquarius, as the millennials and the generations below them age there is no way to avoid technology and the digital age.  It is here to stay – let’s make the most of it.

Toni x


article by toni reilly holistic bliss magazine
Adapting To New Technology and Embracing the Power of Global Reach
words by Toni Reilly for Holistic Bliss Magazine
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