Past Life Case Study – Abandonment

This case study was submitted by one a graduate of Past Life Therapy | Regression Facilitator Training Course. I am sharing so that you can gain an idea of the type of things that can be addressed using RegressionTherapy. Both the therapist and their client will always remain anonymous.

To find out the source of feelings of abandonment

A female client see’s herself as a child aged 4 when she is witnesses to her mother taken away by authority figures from their village. She felt different from the rest of the people in the village she belonged to, she felt magical. When her mother was taken away she was left with her father who taught her about magic, wisdom, healing and other secrets. She loved it and embraced everything her father taught her. Her father dies when she is 14 years old and she returns to her home, back to her father’s old room of wisdom, which houses all his papers and work. She feels that she needs to finish his work. She marries and is happily married with 2 children, who are both gifted. She continues with her father’s work in secret with people coming and going to seek her advice and medicine without anyone knowing. If her work is exposed she fears she will be disrespected amongst her village and community or taken away as her mother was. She dies of old age but even though she does not want to leave her children behind, she knows death is apart of life and accepts the end.

When the small child’s mother is ‘taken’ and she does not ever see her again, this is without a doubt a memory which can carry over into current life and bring on feelings of abandonment. After the regression, this client mentions that she is drawn to work with natural therapies and intuition in current life but is struggling to break away from her regular work as well as tell people what she does and believes in. Given that her mother was taken away in the past life and acknowledging that she was supposed to keep what she did secret in the past life could certainly trigger subconscious memories which could stop one from following their purpose now for fear of the same thing happening again. Realistically we live is such a different and liberated society now that this would not happen again. By viewing this past life, this woman can now make the changes and speak about what she does with out fear and get on with her life goals and dreams to be a natural therapist and healer. Past life therapy is used to address feelings, physical symptoms and phobias that do not make sense and there is no apparent cause or trigger from the current life.

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