12 Life Map | The Courage To Be YOU – Trapped in A Male Body

Ep 12 The Courage To Be YOU – Trapped in A Male Body
23 June 2020

Imagine having to hide from the world who you really are?  Summer was born Roy. Roy hid the fact that he felt like a woman right up until the age of 63. No longer able to live the lie, Summer came out in the small town in America where he found solace from his upbringing in England.  After 22 years there he is very well known, a local identity, popular, and much loved man. Listen to find out how Summer was received after announcing that he feels like a she and is finally going to live life as Summer.

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11 fire PONDER is the card for this week.
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The night we met…
Celebrating freedom after recording our interview.
Meeting out one night and we turned up twinning! hehe
Summer and me catching up March 2020
Summer now, just 6 months later after telling me “I love who I am”

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