06 Life Map | Connections in Present Life From Past Lives

In this show I am introducing you to my super wonder, life mission 11 best friend, we met as teenagers and grew together.  Our connection was fated… I think you’ll enjoy our chat, we are never lost for words. With the super wonder mission 11, comes a tough journey to live through and incredible energy that is truly unique… I’ll let you know some influential famous ones too.   I follow up with assimilation on the symptoms Coco healed from during her past life regression which we discussed in episode 2.

The link to Sharon Glues instagram is @sacred_values_astrology.

1 practical OPPORTUNITY is the card for this show.
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Here are Nessie and I recording this episode of Life Map. 

This is my Nessie. We’ve been best friends from the moment we met when I was 17. She is a super wonder life mission 11…

Posted by Toni Reilly Institute on Monday, May 11, 2020
There’s a photo of us 29 years ago at Nessie 21st and one from this the weekend on Mothers Day 2020 here 
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