​Make Your Business A Lifestyle Choice

This is my latest article in Holistic Bliss Magazine. It is aimed at those of us in business. If you are looking to become involved in helping others as your business these five tips might give you clarity and address overwhelm.

​Make Your Business A Lifestyle Choice

These five tips will make your business sustainable, abundant and it won’t own you.  Strong boundaries are a must so you can live life stress free and enjoy what you do.  They are nothing to do with not having empathy and compassion, boundaries, are to about presenting as a professional and valuing what what you do.

Let go of the perception that you will fix them
Create an environment and use techniques where you empower your client to help themselves. No-one fixes anyone else.  You can inspire them, listen to them, give them tools, guide them, run them through processes and support them but they are the only ones who can take it on board, and make changes.

Self-awareness is a must

Make sure you are not placing your insecurities on your clients. You don’t have to have your stuff sorted, no-one does entirely, that takes a lifetime, but at least be aware of what it is, that way clients to do not become the innocent receivers of your unaddressed stuff.

Work on your confidence
Chasing your clients for feedback so you feel sure you did a good job, shows that your self-esteem needs work. Sure, you can follow them up to boost them, just make sure that is about them, not you needing affirmation.  It is always the clients process, they have to recover in their way, in their timeframe.

Self-care boundaries
Life ensures that there will be days when you need nurturing yourself.  Don’t be a hero, you will do best for your clients when you are feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally.  If you are feeling rattled, sad, depleted of energy, honour yourself and take some time for you. Reschedule your clients.

Charge properly
Human nature ensures that people perceive that you are better because you cost more.  You don’t have to go crazy, but price your services based on the value they achieve.  Picture you helping a woman conceive a child who has struggled to become pregnant for years, then your session is priceless!  Or what if your client has felt misunderstood their entire life and suddenly they have a revelation of why and now they feel special.

Transformation is worth every cent.

Toni x

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