If you are searching for the version of you who is liberated from thoughts of inadequacy and perceived flaws, filled with confidence and free of self-doubt.


If you prefer keeping it real, to present as an everyday person and are drawn to incorporate your intuitive side come and join me. We have fun, no boring drawn out training, this is interactive and empowering to getting to know your strengths and challenges.


I’ll share everything I know so you can transform yourself to be the most effective leader you can be!


Retreat Program
Gold Coast
18-20 April 2018

Self Management Leads to Great Leaders

When you operate at your optimal capacity… at a personal level, you’re an empowered being who  ripples positive energy through the workplace. This instantly increases your own performance and the performance of people around you.

SoulLife™ Leadership helps you to be aware of your innate traits, strengths and challenges, so you can use them effectively and effortlessly to your advantage.


What to expect from SoulLife Leadership

The group is your collective mentor. You’re encouraged to get to know yourself through awareness of your individual innate traits, strengths and challenges.

Any resistance you experience creates an internal emotional battle resulting in lowered self-esteem, disruptive reactions and for some, physical symptoms.

By working with your personal mainframe, not against, it becomes natural for you to operate at peak capacityYou'll work with your own psyche to understand who you are and to clear anything holding you back.


Participants said they feel like they like they belong.  Which happens when you’re around like minded people. It makes you feel understood, accepted and supported.


To regain full control of our life… we need to peel back the defensive layers we subconsciously wrapped around ourselves. Only then can we truly step into our potential power.

Our class size is intimate to ensure you receive plenty of mentoring and practice. We've kept the numbers limited given the nature of inner discovery ensures you bond with your fellow participants during the many exercises and discussions.

You'll work with your own psyche to understand who you are to clear anything holding you back

Our focus ...

Conscious Leadership

Discovering individual strengths and unique challenges

Reclaiming your personal power

Building self-esteem

Personality management

Self Management

Grief and loss in the work place

Overcoming trauma and stress

Managing Relationships

Feelings drive people

Intuition & Energy

Frame of reference

Enhancing sixth sense

Understanding intuition & instincts

Energetic connections


Leadership Program Outline

Conscious Leadership

  • Uncover your unique life map

  • Determine your individual traits, strengths and challenges

  • Peel back the layers to reveal your innate leader style

  • Master how physical anatomy expresses and responds to the emotional state with symptoms

  • Discover how unconscious emotional bruises control you and affect others

Self Management

  • Explore personal values and beliefs for how they impact they we communicate in everyday life 

  • Discover what anxiety really is and how eliminate it or make it your best friend.

  • Understand grief and loss as a normal process and the effect it has on our performance and work environment

  • Understand the dramatic way shame, abandonment, betrayal, rejection have on you and others

  • Relieve emotional symptoms

Intuition & Energies

  • Increase your intuition by knowing how it gathers an individual frame of reference through your sixth sense

  • Discover your strongest senses and how to work with them

  • Master various intuitive tools and simple ways to incorporate them

  • Interpret SoulLife™ Philosophy cards for guidance

  • Discover the underlying insight colour reveals

Introducing Toni Reilly

Toni Reilly, the creator of SoulLife™ Coaching an intuitive approach to personal transformation is internationally recognised as Australia's leading Regression Facilitator and Intuitive Practitioner.
Toni Reilly is founder of Toni Reilly Institute. She is Australia’s leading practitioner and teacher in Regression Facilitation and Personal and Intuitive Development. She has personally trained with Dr. Brian Weiss and at the Arthur Findly College in the UK. This world-class training and experience along with her with her modern approach to personal development and intuitive training for everyday people makes her one of the most sought after intuitive teachers in Australia.
Toni has worked with thousands of clients worldwide. She has taught and mentored students in Australia and internationally.
Toni shares her expertise during her seminars which are one of it’s kind in the world so that you become the most amazing version of yourself.  Toni’s trademark professional training teaches participants to encompass her proven techniques and combine with their own innate traits.
Her methods are developed through her experience working with clients and groups.  As the Director, course developer and main instructor of the Toni Reilly Institute, she delivers workshops and seminars to audiences across Australia and Internationally in Denmark, United States, India and the United Kingdom.
Her pragmatic approach and sensitivity ensured Toni's success in business, making her a great role model to her participants, with many from highly respected professional backgrounds in all fields from Scientists, Psychologist to CEO's of multi-billion dollar Companies, to stay at home Mums, Blue Collar workers, Doctors and Nurses..
Toni presents in her trademark light hearted style. She stands by her belief that self-awareness and personal development is not always heavy or sad, sometimes its funny as well as liberating learning about who we are and why we behave in certain ways.
Personal awareness work brings profound shifts, peace and contentment which flows to those around us.

You'll be surprised how easily this program makes you feel different from the inside out.


Leave with a calmer, yet empowered approach in the work environment and a powerful perspective on leadership.


Get ready to enjoy a balanced life through self management.


In Life…

Grief and loss, heartbreak, ill health, and other life traumas all take their toll on you, and your colleagues.

The good news is… You can accelerate your breakthrough to a have a cohesive work environment with the SoulLife™ Leadership Program.


Isn't it Time You Invested in Yourself and Your Future?

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