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The life transforming SoulLife™ Psychology Diploma is Toni Reilly's visionary intuitive program presented as an intensive mix of interactive lectures, experiential exercises, practice and mentoring.  

Master a delicate balance of therapeutic techniques, facilitation and intuitive guidance coupled with philosophies and your own views and ways of working that blend together to heal both ourselves and our clients.

Click the tabs to check out the incredible content that makes our experiential program uniquely realistic, to blend into daily life and make a real difference for those searching for their purpose and following guidance to assist others to do the same.

Our program guides you to your purpose, and trains you to assist others to find theirs.  Its fun learning about how we tick!  And its not rocket science, accessing our innate self is easy and rewarding beyond measure. Priceless some would say.

Help people by becoming an intuitive practitioner ready to heal lives and contribute to the ripple effect that influences our world.

People are emotional beings, labelling them with an off the shelf clinical affliction can debilitate them, their strength and confidence trapped in disempowerment.  By holistically viewing each client case by case you'll discover that we are not all that different to each other.  We are here to experience emotions, and the people we mix with, circumstances and experiences ensure that we do.  You gain confidence to facilitate any individual into their best possible way of life.

By exploring normalising behaviour which may have earned a clinical label or diagnosis or what we may have become convinced to be true about ourselves we uncover innate knowing stored within, empowering clients to take responsibility for their own lives.

The metaphysical connection to health ensures deep reflection and potentially miraculous cures for physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Toni and her carefully selected down to earth assistants and special guests are there to support you all the way.

Keeping it real by living life and integrating our all knowing soul energy is why we are here and most of us can afford to lighten up a little and have some fun.  We'll do all of this during our time together.

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Intuition | Insight | Regression | Counselling | Healing | Analysis | Business

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Be guided on a journey into trusting and developing your intuition and innate senses to enhance you personally and as a practitioner. We’ll explore the senses and energies, and techniques and methods using colour, cards, symbols, and how to use these intuitive tools to enhance your innate senses.

SoulLife™ Senses and Energies
Shows you how to tune to the energies of someone, for rapport, understanding and insight into their challenges and strengths.  Discover which are your strongest senses and how to use them with clients and for yourself in daily life.  Discern the difference between intuition, psychic, mediumship and guide energies.  Know of the many intuitive tools and tuning methods and how to work with symbols, music and timing and much more when working with clients.

SoulLife™ Intuitive Cards Here we will learn how to interpret tarot or cards to intuitively tune to guidance and insight for a client. Even if you have never seen a tarot deck before or are already a professional reader you will develop insightful new reading skills using your intuition.

SoulLife™ Colour Colour is a universal language and each vibrates a meaning. Learn how to apply and understand colour for healing and intuitive guidance. Read Auras to discern mood, personality, challenges, strengths physical health and purpose.

Intuition | Insight | Counselling | Regression | Analysis | Healing | Business

Discover how our psychological make up is affected by life lessons and the wounds agree to overcome as well as how to determine insight into individual traits, strengths and challenges using the energy of numbers.  Learn methods for attaining insight into a persons psychological innate traits and their blueprint in life. Discover how people are personally affected and how they affect others with their lessons and wounds in SoulLife™ Purpose. You'll understand your client's strengths and challenges, to know the most effective methods and treatment to use.

SoulLife™ Purpose Discover the wounds we chose to overcome and how we react to cover up their innate fears and subconsciously develop masks to cover up their true self.  Understand how our body shape and physical health habits are formed and why.

SoulLife™ Blueprint Uncover the unique life blueprint for an individual. Current and upcoming insight for a client.  You’ll understand your client or family members, friends and colleagues strengths and challenges, to know the most effective communication style, methods and treatment to use to assist them to understand themselves.

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Past life, current life and in between life regression facilitation is a profound way to connect with the soul to access physical, emotional and psychological healing. This module is intuitive and spiritual, not clinically based. It includes practical content and experiential training through observation, personal experience, and facilitating regression for others. Discover how to navigate and explore memories from past lives, current life and between lives in detail and the other spiritual experiences, which can occur.

Regression is a trademark specialty of Toni Reilly.  Her teachings are world renowned. Learn to facilitate Past Life and Regression Therapy using her unique methods to induce profound healing.

Regression is the psychology of the future, and is complimentary with other holistic therapies, psychology, counselling, kinesiology, energy healing, hypnotherapy and other complimentary therapies.

The exclusive content is a combination of Toni Reilly's extensive research and insight gathered while teaching and mentoring 1000's of students and facilitating regression for clients in Australia and Internationally and mentoring from these brilliant pioneers Dr. Brian Weiss, Peter Ramster and Andy Tomlinson among others.


  • Unique intuitive facilitation
  • Process of accessing the soul which is where the healing comes from
  • Benefits which are potentially profound and life-changing
  • Past lives, current life, between life and spiritual memory recall
  • Navigating for relevance
  • Relaxation methods and choices
  • Healing techniques

Role of the Facilitator

Facilitating is guiding not directing. The reason Past Life Therapy is so powerful for individuals is because they are accessing their own soul.

As a facilitator your role is to provide a safe relaxed environment and to guide a Client around their past live memories, gathering information to address areas of concern in their current life.

It is crucial to remain neutral and objective, your intuition, empathy and compassion will assist you to succeed as a facilitator.

This module teaches the step by step process to guide a Client into and around their past life and Toni shares tips and techniques to help you to facilitate a successful session.

About Past Life Therapy

Accessing past life memories can change a person’s life, they may realise their self-worth and feel empowered. PLT aids in releasing blocks and patterns of behaviour which may be stopping an individual from moving forward and leading a happy and fulfilling life.

It is possible to release guilt, low self-esteem, feeling worthless and other emotions. They may eliminate anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias such as a fear of heights, planes and water/drowning. Physical symptoms such as pain which modern medical intervention has not been successful or not being able to conceive a baby may also be addressed.

Past Life Therapy may help them to understand difficult relationships and other patterns in their lives. They may realise a talent, trait or skill that they have had in a previous incarnation allowing them to embrace it once more.

By remembering and experiencing emotion or viewing significant events, whether they are happy or traumatic, making the connection to behaviours and emotions which affect them now will enable a clear understanding of the issues in present life.

Past Life Therapy works by accessing the subconscious or higher self (soul) which records your past life and soul memories. All that has ever been experienced in any incarnation is available to learn from.

A session may alleviate a physical symptom, soothe an emotional issue or bring peace and confidence within current life.

Results can be achieved for many issues not limited to:

  • love and relationships
  • anxiety and depression
  • phobias and fears
  • guilt and shame
  • recurring dreams and nightmares
  • eating disorders
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • physical pain and health issues
  • fertility
  • assertiveness

” All our answers lie within – The facilitator must at all times respect the individual soul, their inner knowing is where healing and understanding is in abundance, you are assisting in accessing their guidance and wisdom”  Toni Reilly

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Intuitive Counselling is listening and getting to the core of what the issue is without interfering or placing your own values onto your client is key.  Use language in a way that takes the responsibility away from the counsellor and puts it back to the client to empower them.

We aim for you to gain deeper understanding of yourself, and human nature allowing you to work professionally as a counsellor or to incorporate counselling skills with other forms of healing or guidance.

Learn how to get to the real core of the problem and then allow your client to resonate and take control of their life and their feelings and actions.

Our comprehensive content will enhance your work professionally and personally.

Learn what we mean by counselling and the helping relationship including:

  • Unique intuitive style
  • About yourself and others
  • Healing techniques
  • Values and beliefs
  • Listening skills
  • Emotions and feelings
  • Questioning
  • Anxiety
  • Authenticity
  • Ethical and professional presentation

Our personal Values and Beliefs
 impact the way we communicate with others in everyday life and our professional interactions. Challenge your beliefs and those of your clients using a mix of creative skills and process work.

Listening skills teach you to tune into what the client is really telling you with verbal and nonverbal communication between client and practitioner.

Explore empathy, being genuine and unconditional positive regard and how to use these emotional tools with your clients.

The importance of how to use the right type of questions in the counselling relationship. How to apply this as a holistic therapist, intuitive reader, psychic, medium or healer.

Discover what anxiety is, how to help your clients manage theirs.

 is honesty with ourselves and those around us learn what it means and how it affects us and others.

Presenting or passing on what you receive as an intuitive, medium or healer in an appropriate and professional manner.

Read about the inception of our life altering Intuitive Counselling component in this interview with Pamela Ray.

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Explore and practice energetic healing methods to ensure you become an effective holistic practitioner who can potentially restore optimum mental, emotional and physical health for clients.

SoulLife™ Energy Medicine is universally available to be administered, discover how and the magical effect you can transfer for others.

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Here we explore techniques that tap into the mind-body-spirit connection allowing you and your client to uncover some of their unconscious programming.  This can be psychological or spiritual conditioning affecting their physical body and creating current life patterns.

SoulLife™ Balance Understand how the physical anatomy expresses and responds to the emotional state with symptoms.  Understand and learn muscle testing to bypass conscious programming and get to the real answer.

SoulLife™ Pendulum Establish a bond with your exclusive practitioner tool and discover how to use it to test for authentic responses from your client and get to the core of what created any symptom or reaction.  Learn how to compose and use complex and simple charts to define a cause and reach the core trauma and the most beneficial treatment for your client.

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Business practice and practitioner ethics are vital to a successful business and integral to being a great Holistic Practitioner.  Get the fundamentals sorted by knowing how to develop, promote and grow your business using the web, and social media to establish and grow a thriving practice.

SoulLife™ Session has a specialised free flowing structure allowing you to work with your client on the most relevant area for them each time they visit.

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