Are you sick and tired of being anxious or depressed?


Do you miss someone who has passed over?


Are you over making the same mistakes in relationships?


Are you ready for love?


Become the best parent, friend or partner you can be!


Improve your leadership skills



What to expect from SoulLife™ Magic 

Toni Reilly's visionary techniques have the potential to alter your outlook on life

You get to experience regression and the SoulLife realm for yourself

Heal physical, emotional or psychological symptoms

Gain insight into current situations to clear personal defence mechanisms

Improve the number one obstacle... your self-esteem

Improve your relationships

You will be confident from first hand experiences as Toni guides you to recall past life memories after detailing how to use regression as a powerful healing tool

Journal your memories and insights to track and reflect on your transformation

Through regression explore your past lives and improve life now.

Visit the SoulLife realm to uncover the reason you are here; your life map

You'll feel comfortable in our intimate setting as you increase your intuitive development and personal growth

SoulLife™ Magic facilitates life transforming results by smashing the perception of what a spiritual outlook is.

It is NOT fluffy.  Crystal balls are not required. Meditation and rituals are optional. It is all about tailoring to YOU and your innate personality, skills, strength and challenges.  

Working against your innate self is counterproductive; we want you to shine!


We break the mould highlighting how you can incorporate a SoulLife perspective into your everyday life, work, home, relationships and self.


Your outlook all connects back to your life map and purpose as a human being. Knowing yours creates meaning to the sometimes confusing jigsaw of circumstances life presents.

SoulLife™ Magic assists you to discover your life map.


Feeling confused, or in emotional turmoil means we are human, not ill.  It is likely we are simply struggling to integrate our life circumstances.

Are you ready for magic?
Melbourne 13 May 2017

Isn't it time you Invested in yourself!
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Invitation from Toni Reilly

If you are soul searching for deeper meaning to your life, then this one day intensive program is for you.   Join me to embrace your confidence to live a more content existence.

By enhancing your intuitive skills with kindness and grace minus the fluff you merge into a new more philosophical approach to day to day happenings.

If you prefer keeping it real, to present as an everyday person and are drawn to incorporate your intuitive side please join me and other like minded people. I’ll share everything I know to transform your life so you can make the most of every single day.


What others have said about working with Toni... 

"I love her warmth, sincerity, honesty, and her energy is like you are meeting an old friend again. Toni's love of her work and extreme patience and dedication to helping you become who you truly can be is awesome." Carine, Melbourne.

"Toni’s style and personality lends her to being one of the most effective educators I’ve ever known, and I’ve studied a lot! Not only did I learn some incredible techniques from her, but after only the second day I had also begun to feel significant changes within myself. Wow! Honestly, this course has changed my life and my worldview, for the better. Thank you Toni!" Dana, Melbourne

"I have over the years worked on myself, but there is always more to be done.  And there is that one course you do, that challenges you at the right time and allows you to see YOU, ACCEPT YOU as you are, not as others want you to be or as you want others to perceive you!" Vanessa, Melbourne.

"Toni is an amazing, gifted and inspiring teacher. I have done several courses with her and all of them have exceeded my expectations. The clarity of the course content and teachings were excellent and very easy to understand and follow. Thank you so much Toni!" Sophie, Sydney

"An excellent programme that will help get you started on the exciting and rewarding journey with the added advantage of having access to Toni’s skills and experience. You get more than what you put in..." Dushy, Melbourne

"Toni, Thank you for the exciting course ... You made everyone feel comfortable and you have a wonderful open approach to teaching. I feel that my life has taken on a wonderful new meaning." Daniela, Brisbane

"The course content was excellent, fully informative, and experiential, with your experience and “tips” really helpful. Your style of keeping it (the work) real and accessible, plus the absence of a dogmatic approach and your holding a broad view of spiritual life that incorporated the multi-dimensional perspectives of all the attendees was valued and appreciated.  I thoroughly enjoy the good natured, confident way you are bringing this work it into the world and making it accessible.  I’m privileged that the significant teachers through my life, including yourself, have all being somewhat pioneers in their fields, doing it their way, ahead of their time, as the saying goes.  This is inspirational for me." David, New Zealand"

Join me in Melbourne
13 May 2017

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