Z SoulLife™ Senses and Energies

This course is an introduction to developing and fine tuning your innate sixth senses. Intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities are not for a select few, we all possess them.  Use your natural skills with ease and trust them for daily use with yourself and others.

Understand how to develop your spiritual senses, and the different energies, discern the difference between intuition, psychic and mediumship and guide energies and how to work with them in your own unique way.

Know of the many intuitive tools and tuning methods and how to work with symbols, music and timing and much more.

Our class will do many experiential practical exercises designed to help you develop and grow.  Your trust and confidence in yourself and your ability is one of the biggest challenges to development.

We address trust and you will be confident and usually surprised at what you are truly capable of.

We will cover among other things

  • Dispelling Myths and Fears
  • Understanding Energies
  • Developing Senses
  • Meditation and Attunement
  • Tuning In
  • Spiritual Tools

Expect lots of fun and a rewarding experience, it is a chance to be around like minded people and maybe make a new friend or two. You will receive quite a few readings as well.

NOTE: Unit of the SoulLIfe™ Psychology Diploma - Module SoulLife INTUITION

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Cost: $440
Duration: 1 day
Dates: TBA
2015 Melbourne
2016 Sydney


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Accredited with IICT the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

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