Retreats and workshops designed for "everyday day" people like you.
You'll be surprised by how they make you feel different 
from the inside
out. You will have a calmer approach to life and a powerful perspective
on what you are personally all about and why you are here. Get ready to
enjoy a more calm, philosophical outlook on life. 

Right now there is a global awakening and you are a part of it. It can be both exciting and a little scary at the same time. The feeling there is something greater inside of you… but not knowing what to do to nurture it.

Toni Reilly recognised there was a gap in what was offered to people on their spiritual path. Many spiritual trainings can seem to lack substance and appear to be too “out there and fluffy” to be taken seriously.  

Pathway to happiness through regression explore past lives and visit the SoulLife realm. You'll feel at home as you increase your intuitive development and personal growth by overcoming obstacles of emotional turmoil, physical symptoms or mental anguish.

  • Access your past lives
  • Visit the SoulLife realm
  • Connect with your soul
  • Experiential practice
  • Self-heal with regression

Intensive, intimate experiential workshop

Revolutionize your life
Grief and loss, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, health, and other labels take their toll on you. Get your self-esteem back through intensive development of intuition by heightening your sixth sense and energetic connection.

  • Overcome grief and heartbreak
  • Decipher your dreams
  • Discover your purpose
  • Increase and use your intuition
  • Explore your past lives
  • Visit the SoulLife realm
  • Connect with passed loved ones

Conscious practitioner diploma for those drawn to empower others to achieve life-altering results and increase innate intuition. For physical, emotional and mental wellbeing through Regression and SoulLife exploration combined with Intuitive Counselling .

Training with Toni Reilly in her world class programs and unique processes ensures you can confidently specialise or be a master all-round holistic wellbeing practitioner.

So Toni created a transformational environment which is nurturing, fun, empowering and most importantly of all… safe for everyday people!

The Toni Reilly Institute is a place where natural healers and practitioners of all levels can add to or refine their abilities. 

Masters and beginners alike are able to gain greater confidence by learning to trust all their intuitive senses.

If you have ever wanted to increase your intuition and live an inspired life… or help others live their life purpose while you live yours, or you have a calling to do healing work but don’t know where to start, then you have been guided to the right place.

March 2017

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Gold Coast
19-23 Apr 2017

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4-10 Sep 2017

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All content and programs are developed to ensure transformative personal growth for people at any stage of awareness.