SoulLife Seminars and Training are designed for people like you. You'll be surprised by how they make you feel different from the inside out. You will gain a calmer approach to life and a powerful perspective on what you are personally all about and why you are here. Get ready to enjoy a more calm, philosophical outlook on life. 

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SoulLife™ Leadership Program When you operate at your optimal capacity… at a personal level, you’re an empowered being who ripples positive energy through the workplace. This instantly increases your own performance and the performance of people around you.

In house and Tailored programs
Corporate | Business | Entrepreneurs

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SoulLife™ Magic Life Map to Happiness through recall explore past lives and visit the SoulLife realm. You'll feel at home as you increase your intuitive development and personal growth by overcoming obstacles of emotional turmoil, physical symptoms or mental anguish.

13 May 2017

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SoulLife™ Coaching Practitioner Diploma for those drawn to empower others to achieve life-altering results and increase innate intuition. For physical, emotional and mental wellbeing through Regression and SoulLife exploration combined with Intuitive Counselling .

4-10 Sep 2017

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All content and programs are developed to ensure transformative personal growth for people at any stage of awareness.